Announcing Our Summer 2020 Season & Auditions!


Hackmatack Playhouse is pleased to announce auditions for their summer productions of The Foreigner, Legally Blonde, and The Spitfire Grill. 

WHEN: Saturday, March 21, 2020, 9:00am- 4:00pm

WHERE: South Berwick Community Center (71 Norton St, South Berwick, ME 03908).

Auditions are by appointment only.  To secure an audition slot, email

All roles are open.

Actors should prepare a brief audition package (not to exceed 3 minutes total) including:

1-minute contemporary comic monologue and 2 brief contrasting song cuts (16 bars each)

Please bring legible sheet music in the correct key, and professionally presented in a three-ring binder.

Please bring three copies of your picture and resume and arrive 10 minutes prior to your audition appointment time.

Callbacks will be held on Sunday, March 22nd.

Seeking actors ages 18 and up, all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities.

These are paid positions.  Limited housing is available.



The Foreigner by Larry Shue

Directed by John Berst

Rehearsals begin June 19th.  Show runs 7/8-7/25 (Wed-Sat eve; Thur matinees)

Casting Breakdown (2 Women, 5 Men):

CHARLIE BAKER: A science-fiction copy editor for a book publishing house, Charlie is an inherently shy man with an unfaithful wife. He has accompanied his friend, Froggy, to a Georgia fishing lodge in search of peace and quiet. British dialect required.

STAFF SGT. “FROGGY” LESEUR: A British military demolitions expert who occasionally conducts field operations in rural Georgia, Froggy is Charlie’s close friend. He devises a clever scheme to protect Charlie from having to interact with other people at the lodge. British dialect required.

BETTY MEEKS: An elderly widow who owns and runs a resort lodge in Georgia. She is a friend of Froggy and has a fun, buoyant nature. She is pleasant – wise in some ways, naïve in others. She is a good-hearted, generous, “down-home” Southerner. Southern dialect required.

REV. DAVID MARSHALL LEE: A promising young religious leader and a good man to have on your side, by all appearances. Engaged to Catherine. Southern dialect required.

CATHERINE SIMMS: Ellard’s sister, Catherine is a genteel young woman going through an emotional time. She is kind and caring towards Ellard and quickly shows Charlie the same attention. Engaged to Rev. David. Southern dialect required.

ELLARD SIMMS: Catherine’s brother, Ellard is an agreeable young man who seems a bit slower than those around him. He works as a sort of handyman for Betty at the lodge, but needs a considerable bit of instruction. Ellard befriends Charlie. Southern dialect required.

OWEN MUSSER: A local property inspector with his own plans and ambitions, Owen works with Rev. David. Owen is a superstitious, mysterious man. Southern dialect required.

Legally Blonde 

Music and lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin and book by Heather Hach

Director/Choreographer: Alden Caple

Musical Direction: John Berst

Rehearsals begin July 19th. Show runs 7/29-8/15 (Wed-Sat eve; Thur matinees)

Character Breakdown:

The Spitfire Grill

Music and Book by James Valcq, Lyrics and Book by Fred Alley

Based on the film by Lee David Zlotoff

Directed by Danielle Howard

Musical Direction: John Berst

Rehearsals begin July 31st. Show runs 8/19-9/5 (Wed-Sat eve; Thur matinees)

 Casting Breakdown (4 Women, 3 Men):

PERCY TALBOTT (early 20s) A young woman recently released from prison; a bit rough-edged; strong but carries a sadness beyond her years. Strong folk/country belt to ‘D’, some head voice required.

HANNAH FERGUSON (about 70) Owner of the Spitfire Grill; a tough-skinned and flinty old bird with a short, no-nonsense manner bordering on the bitter; she carries a secret from her past. Mezzo/alto chest range.

SHELBY THORPE (30s) Shy and soft spoken but gains her confidence after befriending Percy; a gentle and generous spirit.  Shimmering folk soprano with strong high belt to ‘D’.

CALEB THORPE (early 40s) Shelby’s husband; an out-of-work foreman of the stone quarry. Frustrated working man clinging to the past. Solid folk/rock voice with an edge (Top ‘G’).

SHERIFF JOE SUTTER (mid-late 20s) A young small-town policeman with an appealing intensity and a restless nature. Strong folk tenor to a ‘G’ (touches an ‘A’).

EFFY KRAYNECK (late 30s-50s) Postmistress and busybody, focused on the news of the town. Solid singer in mezzo/alto chest range. Carries close harmony.

THE VISITOR (40s) A mysterious figure who never speaks. An actor with a powerful and expressive intensity. This is a non-singing role.

Hackmatack Playhouse

The Hackmatack Playhouse was founded in 1972 by S. Carleton Guptill. He envisioned a summer stock theatre that would showcase the talents of professional and developing thespians from the regional area.

Seniors: $25 (65 or older)
Senior Matinee: $20 (65 or older)
Age 20 and under: $15

Tickets & Seating

Tickets can be purchased online.
Please note that all tickets purchased online are subject to a third party processing fee. To avoid this fee, tickets can be reserved by calling the box office.

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Buffalo Farm

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