Here’s What People Have To Say About Hackmatack

Excerpt From The Portland Press Herald

“Theater review: Hackmatack’s ‘Mamma Mia’ a rambunctious romp back to the ’70s”, by April Boyle

“Hackmatack Playhouse, now in its 48th season, is gleefully reveling in ’70s nostalgia with a rainbow of lamé and platform shoes.  ABBA has invaded the sleepy town of Berwick with a rocking rendition of “Mamma Mia!” that features six ABBA look-alikes, a 12-member cast and a five-piece band. One thing’s for sure: This quaint barn playhouse knows how to boogie.”

“Set designer Hannah Joy Hopkins has crafted a creative, two-level set that allows young ABBA doppelgangers to jam and jive atop the taverna while the story unfolds below.  Their vocals fill out the musical numbers and give the production a party atmosphere.”

“The musical has a vibrant cast and catchy choreography by director Kelli Leigh-Ann Connors. “Money, Money, Money” is particularly well-choreographed, featuring the cast in black suits, with briefcases and oversized money.”

“Mamma Mia!” is loads of fun and highly entertaining. Hackmatack’s cast will have you singing and dancing to the infectious score, and Fran Bechtold’s costumes are a sight to see. The production is a charming, smile-inducing trip back to the ’70s.”

A TripAdvisor Customer Review Of Mamma Mia!

“We attended the performance of Mamma Mia last night and were overwhelmed by the quality of this experience. From beginning to end this was one of the best local shows we have ever attended. The performers were top class and very professional. The band was exceptional as well. If you are looking for a first class entertainment experience this is one that we highly recommend!”

Excerpt from

“Theater Review: ‘Curious Incident’ excellent, outstanding storytelling”, by  Jeanné McCartin

“Most of the characters in “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” will be indelibly burned into your memory, each bearing the face of its actor in the Hackmatack Playhouse production. This is a beautifully written, humorous and touching drama, poignantly brought to life by a blessed cast and a fine director.”

“Director Danielle Howard has a clear vision and strong understanding of this piece. She creates wonderful characters, and stages the piece beautifully.”

“Howard employs numerous, very effective conceits and techniques (including smart projection by Bretton Reis) to pull the audience into Christopher’s world; into the unique workings of his mind and perception of the world around him.”

“Maybe you haven’t heard of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.” Be brave. Go. “The Curious Incident” is beauty, sadness, pain and triumph, with incredible performances, and a joy to watch.”

“Please, step outside the familiar and the Broadway blockbuster and into a piece of outstanding storytelling. This one will stay with you a long time to come.”

Excerpt from The Foster’s Daily Democrat

“Theater Review: ‘Always…Patsy Cline’ a well-executed concert and charming tale”, by Jeanné McCartin

“Always … Patsy Cline,” at Hackmatack Playhouse, is a charming musical revue, with a heartwarming story threaded through.  It is not just for the artist’s fans. It is equal parts well-executed concert and charming tale. Think of it as an easy visit with a good friend; it makes for a pleasant night out.”

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